About Us
MJ Dental Supplies is a reliable dental supplier in Malaysia established in 2008.

Focus activities on importing dental materials, equipment, and techniques from manufacturers of top quality, world-class dental supplies and equipment from Europe, U.S.A, Japan, India, Korea, Taiwan, Israel and China as well as providing professional and prompt service for dental surgeries and dental laboratories in Malaysia.

We are the distributor for the following brands: Kurarey-Noritake, Renfert, Kemdent, Schulke & Mayer, Anios-Dentasept, EVE, DFS, Stoddard, Zhermack, Dent-e-con, Hoffmann’s, Metrodent, Shera, Lascod, Lukadent, Huge Dent, Crosstex, Silfradent, Manfredi and other popular brand names.

We strive to provide high quality material and equipment at reasonable prices and favorable after-sales service to meet the high standards our customers have come to expect of us.


Continuous distinguish ourselves from the service provided to survive!

 Key Strength

We have strong network and on-going relationship with the government (hospital & clinic) and the University. Our company image and product brand have already established in both segments.

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